Frederik 10. - Konge af i morgen | udstilling på Amalienborgmuseet og Koldinghus

Full-dress Uniform
The portrait from 2022 depicts The King when he held the title of Crown prince. In the portrait the King is wearing the Navy’s full-dress Uniform. As King he is admiral with a four-star distinction on the shoulder insignias.
As seen in the portrait, the King is decorated with the blue ribbon with the oldest elephant of the order, it was created for the anointment of Christian 5 which took place in the Castle chapel of Frederiksborg. The breast star, placed uppermost, is a part of the order of the elephant, and it dates from 1731, just below you see the breast star of the order of Dannebrog. Around his neck the King dis-plays the Grand Commander Cross which is the highest in the order.
The full-dress uniform is close to identical to the uniform, the King wore in 2004 for his wedding – the only noticeable change is the four stars on the epaulettes.


Prinsessekjoler | Koldinghus

Gala dresses – Princess Dresses
Haute Couture is French and directly translate into “High fashion” The term describes the higher art of tailoring and the production of unique styles and clothing created from per-sonal measurements and fitted to the wearer.
The classic virtue of Haute Couture marks the work of Jørgen Bender, which distinguishable in the clear presence of fantasy, consciousness of traditions and the fact that hos designs have been created close dialog with royal cus-tomers. The dresses are typically created for special events and Princess Benedikte often allowed Bender to change and redesign her dresses, so they could be presented anew.