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13 The Rose

ROOM 13: The name “The Rose” dates from the time of Frederik IV, when this central antechamber was used as a dining hall for the ladies and gentlemen of the court. The room was later used by The Royal Lottery.

During the restoration in the 19th century, the room’s original quadratic shape was recreated. The ceiling paintings and the parquet floor were taken from Frederiksberg Palace. The ceiling paintings were painted by Frederik IV’s court painters, Bénoit le Coffre and Hendrik Krock. The chandelier was made in England at the end of the 18th century and was brought from Jægerspris Palace.

The exhibited paintings, furniture and other items in The Rose date from the time of Frederik V in the mid-18th century. During that time, Rococo was the dominant style in European art and handicrafts, which is reflected in many of the exhibits.

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Objects in this room
1301. Portrait of Frederik V as a young man, painted by J.S. du Wahl.
1302. Portrait of Frederik V as a young man, painted by J.S. du Wahl.
1303. Portrait of Princess Louise, sister of Frederik V; by unknown artist.
1305. Cabinet in walnut veneer with inlays of landscapes in semi-precious stones. Made in c. 1740 for Hirschholm Palace.
1306. Models of two naval ships and of Rosenborg. Made in tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, bone, amber and hair, by customs officer Niels Nielsen in Ålborg in the 1750s.
1307. Three dice on a tortoiseshell foot, turned by Lorenz Spengler.
1308. Cup with tortoiseshell egg, made by Lorenz Spengler for Frederik V’s private collection in Christiansborg Palace, 1764.
1309. Cups of ivory, rhinoceros tusk, tortoiseshell, calabash and antler. Made by Lorenz Spengler for Frederik V’s private collection in Christiansborg Palace, 1750-57.
1310. Hercules saving Deianeira from the centaur Nessus. Figure-group of ivory, signed J(ohann) E(phraim B(auert), made for Frederik V, 1756.
1311. Sophie Magdalene, painted by J.S. du Wahl.
1312. Ostrich egg with censer and lidded cup of ivory and amber, turned by Prince Wilhelm of Hesse, 1760-65.
1313. Gilt carved console table with Norwegian marble top. Made for the crown princess’s audience room in the Prince’s Palace in 1745-46.
1314. Small portrait of Frederik V on horseback, painted by C.G. Pilo.
1315 Prince Frederik. Small full length painting by J.G. Ziesenis 1767.
1316. Two carved, gilded armchairs marked “C6” and “KSCB 1740”, i.e. from the Royal Palace of Christiansborg, which was inaugurated in 1740.
1317. Frederik V. Painted terra cotta relief by L. von Lücke. c. 1753.
1318. Rosewood cabinet with inlays of coloured bone, mother of pearl, and metal. In the drawer a spinette. Made in Copenhagen 1755 by C.F. Lehmann.
1319. Margrave Friedrich Ernst of Brandenburg Baireuth (1703-62); Queen Sophie Magdalene’s brother, Governor of Schleswig and Holstein, Danish Field Marshal, Lieutenant General. Small three quarter portrait on copper, signed: J.F. Gerhard fec.
1320. Queen Louise, full length, painted by C.G. Pilo.
1321. Cups of nautilus shell and semi-precious stones, set in mother-of-pearl by Lorenz Spengler for Frederik V’s private collection in Christiansborg Palace, 1750.
1322. Gilded, carved console table with top of black marble. Marked “C6” and “KSCB”, i. e. from Christiansborg Palace, which was inaugurated in 1740.
1323. Christian VI, painted by J.S. du Wahl.
1324. Portrait of Frederik V as a young man; painted by J.S. du Wahl.
1325. “Science and Art Paying Homage to Frederik V”. Sketch signed: Peder Als inv. et pinx.
1326. Casket of tortoiseshell with inlays of mother-of-pearl and ivory, depicting a Norwegian mine and other motifs. Copenhagen, c. 1760.
1327. Walnut commode with gilt carving. Copenhagen, c. 1740. Possibly made by Matthias Orthmann.
1328. Christian VI, full length portrait painted by J.S. du Wahl. Gift from the King to General Grüner, who was Ambassador in Stockholm, 1740-43 (pendant to no. 1330).
1329. Frederik V. Equestrian picture; allegorical representation, signed: J.F. Gerhard 1747.
1330. Frederik V as Crown Prince; full length portrait painted by J.S. du Wahl, 1740 (pendant to no. 1328).
1333. Princess Louise, Frederik V’s sister (1726-56). Duchess of Saxe Hildburghausen. Three quarter portrait, signed: T. Huber.
1340. Walnut cabinet with flute-work and music cylinder. Made by C.F. Lehmann in Copenhagen, finished 1757.
1346. Duke Ernst Friedrich Carl of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1727-80), brother-in-law of Frederik V. Three-quarter portrait, signed: T. Huber 1751.
1351. Crown cup from the Norwegian glass factory at Nøstetangen. Richly engraved with Frederik V’s monogram. Signed: H.G. Köhler 1752.
1352. – 1353. Cups of Norwegian glass, engraved on the occasion of the coronation of Frederik V, 1747, by H.G. Köhler.
1354. Crown cup of Norwegian glass, with the monogram of Christian VII and Caroline Mathilde, and the date MDCCLXVI, 8th (Nov., i. e. the wedding day). Engraved by H.G. Köhler.
1356. White clock, with carved gilded Rococo ornaments, and flute-work. Signed: I.P. Adamy in Stettin.