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11 Frederik IV’s Cabinet

ROOM 11: This room was used by Frederik IV’s sister, Princess Sophie Hedevig, as an audience chamber; none of its original furnishings have been preserved.

When the museum of Rosenborg was arranged in the form of a chronological collection in the 19th century, the first floor was furnished with royal interiors from Frederiksberg Palace and Prinsens Palæ (“the Prince’s Mansion”). With the dissolution of Absolutism both became the property of the State. The inlaid floor is from Prinsens Palæ.

Most of the exhibits date from the decades around 1700.

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Objects in this room
1101. Six chairs of mahogany with carved acanthus backs, seats, later, with mounted gilded leather. Acquired by Christian V for Frederiksborg Castle in the 1690s.
1102. Cabinet made by Claus Harder in 1706. The lids and drawers are decorated with love scenes painted by Hendrick Krock.
1103. Two flower pots veneered with mother-of-pearl and mounted with cameos and intaglios, gems and glass. The pots made in Gujarat in India c. 1640, the mounting added in Copenhagen c. 1750.
1104. Altar-shaped clock (similar to no. 1040) with movement and quarter-stroke and celestial globe with month- and date indicators. Case of wood with tortoiseshell, ivory, coral, semi-precious stones and silver, made by J.A. Thelott and others. Drawer containing a writing set. Made in Augsburg c.1715.
1105. “Triad” with table, guéridons and mirror of boxwood, inlaid with Chinese figures of bone and exotic wood. The motifs were taken from engravings in Athanasius Kircher’s and Arnoldus Montanus’ descriptions of China and Japan from 1667-69. Originally, the set also included a cabinet. It was bought from Conrad Geisler in Altona in 1712.
1106. Drinking horn of ivory, carved with scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, including the story of Jupiter and Io. Copenhagen c.1710? The silver foot is a later addition.
1107. Two candlesticks of silver plate with varicoloured and clear cut-glass pendants and pearls. Bought in Italy by Frederik IV in 1709.
1109. Frederik IV as an old man, painted by Balthasar Denner.
1110. Princess Sophie Hedevig (1677-1735), sister of Frederik IV and founder of Vemmetofte Convent. Half length, by unknown artist.
1111. Ivory reliefs by Magnus Berg.
1112. Dressing mirror with laque brillante work, decorated with glass gems and with miniatures of Frederik IV, Queen Anna Sophie and her relatives. Attributed to Christian van Bracht and Casrten Tønder c. 1720.
1113. Small painting representing Christ escorting Anna Sophie to Heaven, where Frederik IV awaits her.
1114. Hunting scene made of papier maché by Christian van Bracht.
1115. Queen Anna Sophie, painted by J.S. du Wahl?