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20 The Bronze Room

ROOM 20: In this room, located in the tower bay at the southern end of the Palace, a dinner set of gilt bronze from the 1820’s is exhibited. It was used as table decoration at large banquets, a custom that originated from the Imperial Court of Napoleon I.

The set was a wedding present from Frederik VI to his daughter Caroline and Ferdinand the Heir Presumptive, Christian VIII’s brother. A second set with gilt bronze miniatures of some of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s most famous sculptures is exhibited at Christian VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg. A third set, now at Glücksburg, was a wedding present from Frederik VI to Caroline’s sister Vilhelmine and Prince Frederik (VII).

The two sets and the decoration of the room in Empire style were donated in 1881 by the brewer Carl Jacobsen. Empire is a specific Neo-classicist style, inspired by Imperial Rome.

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Objects in this room
2002. Table decoration of gilded bronze, made in Paris, possibly after drawings by G.F. Hetsch. Wedding present from Frederik VI to his daughter Caroline, 1829. Acquired by auction after the latter, 1881.
2003. Two mirrors, procured 1777 for the King’s private secretary, Ove Høegh Guldberg, at Prinsens Palæ (now the National Museum). Designed by the architect C.F. Harsdorff and carved by J. Karleby.
2006. – 2007. Two chairs used at Augustenborg for Christian VIII’s wedding, 1815.
2008. Clock of marble and gilt bronze, made by David Louis Courvoisier, Paris, c. 1790.