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13A The Mirror Cabinet

The Mirror Cabinet was furnished for Christian V. It was modelled on the Palace of Versailles; the residence of Louis XIV the Sun King since 1682. During the Baroque period, mirror cabinets were often incorporated in the King’s suite as its innermost and most intimate room, normally in connection with the bedchamber.

Frederik IV’s bedchamber was on the ground floor (The Dark Room, room 4), with access to the mirror cabinet via the spiral staircase of the tower. Visitors saw themselves reflected in the ceiling, the walls and in the oval mirror in the flooring. The latter may have constituted a problem for female visitors wearing the fish bone skirts of that time – but the design and its possibilities were scarcely an accident!

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Objects in this room
1391. Spinette signed by the instrument maker C.F. Speer, who was paid regularly for tuning the royal children’s instrument. It belonged to Frederik V’s daughter, Princess Louise.
1392. Three covered cups of glass with knop in the form of a crown. Made at the glass factory at Nøstetangen, c. 1750.
1395. Stools of lacquered wood with silver fittings. Copenhagen, c. 1705.