What is Parkmuseerne? 

Parkmuseerne is a museum district in the heart of Copenhagen. Located in and around three beautiful parks you will find six museums: The David Collection, The Hirschsprung Collection, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), Natural History Museum of Denmark, The Workers Museum and Rosenborg Castle.

Here you can experience the very best that art and nature have to offer. From the Crown Jewels and the world’s biggest meteorite to outstanding Danish and international art.

Visiting the museums also invites you to visit the parks: The King’s Garden, the Botanical Garden, and the Østre Anlæg Park. In the parks you can slow down and take a rest, visit playgrounds and enjoy a light meal, a drink, or a cup of coffee in the surrounding cafés and restaurants. Everything is within walking distance.

1 Ticket – 6 Museums

The Parkmuseerne ticket gives admission to the very best of what culture and nature has to offer: The Hirschsprung Collection, SMK (National Gallery of Denmark), Natural History Museum of Denmark (Geological Museum), The Workers Museum, Rosenborg Castle and 10% discount on publications at The David Collection (as entry here is free).

Price: DKK 245 (buy the ticket at one of the six museums). If you have purchased the ticket at another Parkmuseum, we kindly ask you to present it in our ticket office at Rosenborg Castle. At the ticket office we will issue a ticket for the castle. Please note that all tickets to the castle are issued at time slots. Unfortunately, there are periods during which time slots are sold out.
Period: The ticket is valid for a year, starting from the day of the purchase
Admission: The ticket gives admission to one visit to each museum and is personal