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9 The Princess’ Chamber

ROOM 9: This tower chamber was originally Christian IV’s Golden Chamber and was decorated with floral designs on gilt wooden panelling. It was used for confidential interviews when the King held official receptions in the adjoining Audience Chamber.

Frederik III used the chamber for informal audiences with foreign diplomats, and in 1663-1665 he had it decorated with chinoiserie in lacquer set with turquoise and mother-of-pearl. It was executed by the Dutch artist Francis de Bray, and based on illustrated travel accounts and novels from China, Japanese lacquered boxes and decorative art. In 1716 the Chamber was restored by Christian van Bracht, and was then used by Princess Sophie Hedevig, sister of Frederik IV.

The chairs, writing and dressing table are examples of lacquered furniture made around 1730 in Canton according to “English” taste. However, two of the chairs are copies made in Copenhagen in the 1750’s. The chandelier is probably French and was rescued from the fire at Sophie Amalienborg Palace in 1689.

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Objects in this room
900. Prince Wilhelm, son of Christian V. Half-length, painted by Anton Schoonjans 1696.
903. Writing set, of faience, decorated in blue. From the factory in Store Kongensgade. Signed with the mark of J.V. Pfau, and the letter M.
904. Beaker with Görtz coins, made 1724 by Jacob v. Holten.
905. Firescreen, with silver feet and -top. On the front a Harlequin scene embroidered in wool presumably by Queen Charlotte Amalie and Princess Sophie Hedevig; on the back Frederik IV’s monogram worked in silver thread on velvet. Silver tripod and top made by Jean Henri de Moor in Copenhagen, 1690.
906. Tureen, of Japanese arita porcelain, mounted in silver with the crowned monogram of Duke Christian Albrecht of Holstein-Gottorp c. 1680 (see no. 917).
907. Flute with a lion and a hart in diamond engraving, with coloured spun glass on the foot. The Netherlands, c. 1680.
908. Memorial Cup commemorating Carl XII. Bohemia or Silesia, 1720’s.
909. Covered cup of glass with knop in the shape of a crown. England, c. 1680?
910. Cup with Frederik IV’s crowned monogram and 1701. Potsdam.
912. “Triad” with table, guéridons and mirror. Ebony inlaid with flowers, birds and insects in coloured sycamore and bone. Attributed to Lorenz Corbianus c. 1680? (see no. 657).
913. Toilet set of silver with the monogram of Duchess Hedevig Sophie of Holstein-Gottorp, sister of King Carl XII of Sweden. Made in Paris about 1660-75.
915. Princess Sophie Hedevig. Painting attributed to Jan Frans Douwen.
916. Tea-table of ebony with inlaid sycamore and bone. The Netherlands, c. 1675.
917. Coffee pot of Japanese arita porcelain with silver mounting from c. 1680. On the spout the Holstein nettle-leaf (see no. 906). Probably war booty from Gottorp, presented to princess Sophie Hedevig by Frederik IV, who had his monogram put on the tumbler.
918. Six cups of Chinese porcelain with Parisian silver linings.