7B: The Stair Turret

The stair turret was built in 1633 for the upcoming wedding of Christian, the Prince Elect. To begin with, a spiral staircase was built only between the first and the second floor, while access to the first floor was via an outer double staircase. The ground floor of the stair turret was instead used as a silver room, with access from the Stone Passage. This made sense, because the ground floor was private chambers, while the official rooms were upstairs.

The spiral staircase was enlarged in 1758, now reaching the ground floor. The outer staircase was demolished at the same time.

In the Stair Turret hangs equestrian pictures from 1691-1693 and some of Maria Sibylla Merian’s famous flower paintings.

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Obejcts in this room
770. “Carrousel” paintings from the time of Christian V. The first shows the King himself.
771. A number of equestrian pictures depicting the haute école, 1691-93. In the background, the Royal Danish castles. The first painting is of Christian V in front of Copenhagen Castle.
772. Flower paintings on parchment, executed in the latter part of the 17th century by Maria Sybilla Merian.