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8 Frederik IV’s Corridor

ROOM 8: This corridor is situated on the first floor and connects the central room, The Rose, with the northern end of the Palace. The walls in the corridor are covered with gilt leather tapestries from Frederiksberg Palace.

Frederik IV’s corridor contains, as the name suggests, mainly exhibits and paintings which date from the time of Frederik IV, among them mementos from the Great Nordic War, 1709-1720, Denmark’s last great war with Sweden. Several items have connections to the Swedish King of the time, Charles XII, or his commander, Magnus Stenbock, who became a Danish prisoner of war during the conflict. Also the Russian Czar, Peter the Great, another of the great players of the Great Nordic War, is represented by several items.

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Objects in this room
801. Frederik IV as Crown Prince; painted in 1693 by Hyacinthe Rigaud, Paris.
802. Queen Ulrikke Eleonore of Sweden, King Christian V’s sister (1656-93). Half length. Signed: D. Klöcker Ehrenstrahl Ao. 1681.
803. King Carl XII of Sweden (1682-1718) and his sister, Hedevig Sophie, Duchess of Holstein-Gottorp. Child portrait, full length, by David Klöcker von Ehrenstrahl 1687.
804. King Carl XII of Sweden (1682-1718; King 1697). Copy after David von Krafft?
805. Carl XII’s rapier, which he presented to the brave Colonel Ulrik Christian Kruse (1666-1727), who was taken prisoner at Høland, Norway, in 1716.
806. Magnus Stenbock, Swedish commander. Self portrait, painted in captivity and sent to Frederik IV together with a painting of a chicken run, a view of Tønningen (where he was captured) and the inscription: Herr lasz deinen Gefangenen losz. (See nos. 818, 819).
807. The town of Stade surrendering to Frederik IV, 1712. Painting.
808. Chandelier bought in Italy by Frederik IV in 1709.
809. Princess Sophie Hedevig, daughter of Christian V; three quarter length, painted by Benoît le Coffre.
811. Frederik IV. Full length by H. Krock; the face was painted by N. Wichmann.
813. Portrait of Carl X Gustav’s Queen, Hedevig Eleonore. By unknown artist.
814. Princess Charlotte Amalie (1705 82), daughter of Frederik IV. Three-quarter lenght, painted by J.S. du Wahl.
815. Queen Louise. Full length, presumably painted by J.S. du Wahl.
816. Frederik IV as Prince. Full length painting by Jacob d’Agar.
817. The coronation of Frederik IV in the chapel of Frederiksborg Castle, 1700. Water colour by Bendix Grodtschilling III, 1706.
818. Ivory cup, turned by the Swedish General, Magnus Stenbock (1664-1717), who was captured at Tønningen and died in Danish captivity (See no. 806).
819. Casket with Trinity Ring of ivory, turned by Magnus Stenbock (as no. 818).
820. Ivory cup; turned by Peter the Great.
821. Compass made by Peter the Great bearing his portrait.
824. View of Copenhagen, 1702. Woven in silk. Signed: Jochim Wriede 1702, and: H.J. Petersen fecit.
825. Frederik IV in his coronation robes; small, full length painting, attributed to B. le Coffre.
826. Peter the Great, the Czar of Russia (1672-1725). Gilt bust of lead. Signed: B.C.D. Rastrelli.