Ulrikke Eleonore

Princess Ulrikke Eleonore was the daughter of Frederik III and Sophie Amalie, and she was the sister of Christian V. In 1680 she married King Charles XI of Sweden and became Queen of Sweden. Here she is known as Ulrika Eleonora.

Ulrikke Eleonore was highly educated by her ambitious mother, and she became engaged to the Swedish king as early as 1675. The outbreak of the Scanian War between Denmark and Sweden in the same year meant that the wedding was put on hold indefinitely. Only after the peace agreement in 1679 could the wedding plans be carried out. The marriage was political but the couple’s life together was harmonious and they had seven children together.

Ulrikke Eleonore had no political influence in her new country, where absolute monarchy was introduced the same year as the wedding. The new Swedish Queen became engaged in charity work for the sick and the poor instead. She was also a talented artist.