Frederik IV

Frederik IV was the King of Denmark-Norway from 1699; son of Christian V and Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel. Married for the first time in 1695 to Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow, with whom he had Christian (VI); for the second time in 1721 soon after the death of Louise, to Anna Sophie Reventlow, which created much strife within the Royal Family.

Frederik IV was inadequately educated, but he succeeded in making an impact on the government of the Kingdom. He appointed his advisors personally and held audiences at which anyone could speak to the King about wishes and grievances. With regard to foreign policy, his reign was marked by the Great Nordic War, during which Denmark twice – in 1700 and from 1709-1720 – was at war with Sweden. Frederik IV was influenced by Pietism and founded a large number of schools for commoners and initiated the missionary work of Hans Egede in Greenland.

Frederik IV was very interested in Italian architecture and gardens, and he went on two long journeys to Italy. He had the Palaces of Frederiksberg and Fredensborg erected and had several gardens and parks laid out at the Royal palaces around the country.