Louise became Queen of Denmark in 1699. She was the daughter of Gustavus Adolf of Mecklenburg-Güstrow. In 1695 she was married to Crown Prince Frederik (IV) and together they had the son Christian (VI).

Louise lived quietly at the Danish Court. Unlike Frederik IV she never gained popularity with the population. Queen Louise suffered because of her husband’s infidelity, which caused embarassing scenes at the Court. Frederik even entered two morganatic marriages. He raised one of his mistresses, Anna Sophie Reventlow, to the status of Queen just days after Louise’s death. Queen Louise was close to her son Christian. She was strongly influenced by Pietism and she sought solace in religion.

Rosenborg was completely abandoned as a Royal residence while Louise was Queen. The building of a new summer residence, Frederiksborg Palace, began in 1699 and was ready for occupation in 1703.