Princess Vilhelmine was the daughter of Frederik VI and Marie Sophie Frederikke. She was married to Prince Frederik (VII) from 1828 to 1837 and from 1838 to Duke Carl of Schleswig-Holstein.

Vilhelmine’s marriage to Prince Frederik united the two lines of the Royal House, but the liaison soon turned out to be an unhappy one. That was not least because of Frederik’s debauchered life with infidelity and heavy drinking. The couple were separated in 1834 and divorced three years later. In 1838 Vilhelmine was married to Carl of Schleswig-Holstein, an elder brother of the later King Christian IX.

Carl was active on the Schleswig-Holstein side of the war against Denmark in 1848-1851 (the Three Years War). That caused Vilhelmine’s relations with the Danish Royal family to be severed for some time. In 1852 there was a reconciliation and she again enjoyed a close relationship with her family in Copenhagen.