Frederik V

Frederik V was the King of Denmark-Norway from 1746; son of Christian VI and Sophie Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach. In 1743 he was married to Louise of Great Britain, and the year after her death in 1751 to Juliane Marie of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. With Louise he had several children, including Christian (VII).

Frederik V was one of the weaker kings of Denmark. His education was inadequate and he was completely dependent upon his advisors, especially J.H.E. Bernstorff and A.G. Moltke. His reign was marked by peace and prosperity in the Kingdom. Frederik V was seen as a supporter of trade, and during his reign the part of Copenhagen known as Frederiksstaden was built. Amalienborg Palace was erected here 1754-1760.

Frederik V was popular during his time. Court life and culture were revived after the Pietist reign of Christian VI. The King’s main interest was hunting, and he often stayed at Jægersborg Palace. He was a heavy drinker, which is likely to have contributed to his early death.