Frederik V’s robe

When the Danish army’s engineers had invented a new kind of cannon, Frederik 5th attended its trial firing August 6, 1750. When a powderbox exploded near the King, he was thrown to the ground, but fortunately, he and the uniform survived.

This is the red uniform the King wore that day. The King was very interested in uniforms, although he did not have a military background. The frock coat is made of woolen cloth like the uniforms, and like the officers’ uniforms is decorated with broad, woven gold braid. There is just more of it on the King’s frock coat.

The vest, which is very visible because the frock coat is designed to be worn open, is also decorated with wide gold bands. The combination of red coat and white vest is probably not accidental, these being the Danish colors. And the King must have been remembering Christian 4th’s blood-stained garments when he ordered that this uniform and vest were to be preserved as a reminder that he was lucky to have survived the accident.