Christian VI

Christian VI was the King of Denmark-Norway from 1730; son of Frederik IV and Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow. He was married to Sophie Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach in 1721. Father of Frederik V.

During the reign of Christian VI, Denmark went through a serious economic crisis and adscription was introduced in 1733. His reign was the first in a very long period during which the Kingdom was not at war. Both the King and the Queen were strongly influenced by Pietism, which led to the introduction of confirmation in 1736 and church attendance became compulsory.

The religiousness of the Royal couple put a dampener on Court life, and they chose seclusion from the population. When the King was driven in his carriage, it was mostly with its curtains down. Grand and costly building projects, such as Christiansborg Palace and Hirschholm Palace at Hørsholm, were nevertheless carried out in order to demonstrate the magnificence of the absolute monarchy. On the other hand, Rosenborg was no longer used as Royal residence.