Adam Gottlob Moltke

Adam Gottlob Moltke, Count and Lord Stewart, was a member of an old noble family. When he was twelve years old he became page to Crown Prince Christian (VI). He later became the educator of Christian VI’s son Frederik (V), who became closely attached to him.

The close relationship of trust was the reason for Moltke’s appointment to Lord Chamberlain in 1743. When Frederik V succeeded to the Throne in 1746, he was appointed Lord Stewart and became the leading personality in the government. After the King’s death in 1766 Moltke lost much of his power. He became one of Denmark’s wealthiest landowners; among other places he owned the estate of Bregentved, where he carried out several reforms.

The period when Moltke was the real ruler of the Kingdom was a time of prosperity and growth. That was, for example, marked by the building of the area within Copenhagen known as Frederiksstaden. Amalienborg Palace was built here, and Moltke himself had one of the four buildings erected, the mansion which is now called Christian VII’s Palæ.