Christian VI’s robe

Christian 6th had his expensive clothes made of foreign fabrics, even though he passed laws forbidding others to use imported fabrics and lace. He wore this suit of deep violet silk and silver brocade at the wedding of his son, Crown Prince Frederik (5th) in 1743. It is embroidered at the edges with gold, very elegant and modern. It was probably made by his tailor, J.P. Becker, and the embroidery would have been done by his embroiderer, Jacob Harras, who embroidered many suits for both the King and the Crown Prince. This suit is very worn, and there are many repairs, especially over the shoulders. The coat, called a frock coat, is like others from this period now very fragile because it was tightly fitted over the back and weighted down by the massive gold embroidery. The Danish court was not rich after Christian 6th‘s building projects and when Frederik 5th became king, he had many of his father’s suits remade for himself, to save money. Perhaps this suit was one of them.