Blood-stained clothes

Christian IV’s blood-stained clothes from the naval battle of Kolberger Heide, 1st July 1644. During the battle Christian IV was on board his flagship “Trefoldigheden” where he was hit and pierced by several canonball and cannon fragments. The king fell instantly and despite fears of his death, he survived and merely lost sight on his right eye, resulting in his subsequent wish to be portrayed only from his left side. It was Christian IV’s own decision to keep these clothes.

In detail: a black-and-purple jerkin of silk velvet with a blood-stained lace collar and cuff. Right shoulder pierced by bullet.Cap of coloured silk with Tønder lace. Lining marked C4 and 1642. Pierced by shot. The King’s blood-stained handkerchief, embroidered with C4 1644. Embroidered cap of pale-green satin; a piece of green taffeta has been fastened to it serving as a patch for the King’s blinded eye. Shirt with lace border; embroidered with C4 1644. Pillow-case with Tønder lace, blood-stained embroidered with C4.