Christian V as the prince elect

It was considered of great importance to be able to defend not only the people but more sayingly the various provinces and borders of the danish kingdom. As a product of this, most princes were taught the arts of war from a very early point in their lives, here examplified by Christian V portrayed as the prince elect in the year 1650, in a painting by Karel van Manders. The four-year old successor is dressed not only in an adult attire, clothes typically connected to military generals that is, but is sorrounded by several military attributes such as the cannons, some of which are identical to the exhibits in front of the painting.

Not only is this a rare insight in the upbriging of Christian V, but it can also be viewed as a link in the self-promotion of both king and prince showing their military prowess, hereby gaining prestige in the eyes of the prices of Europe, who themselves had their own quite similar paintings made. As a minimum it gave Chritian V a militaristic udnerstanding of himself, shown amongst others during the Scanian Wars 1675-1679, where he tried to reconquer the southern part of Sweden – not least underlined by the fact that the war was started by a danish declaration of war.