Renaissance fencing

Renaissance fencing is an extraordinary experience, where you see the old royal castle and hear engaging stories from the castle’s dramatic history. You will see dashing nobles duel to defend their honour and experience the historic and elegant art of fencing first-hand, as the finest fencers in the castle take you on a journey back in history, to a time when honour was a matter of life and death.

Renaissance fencing is an entertaining and unusual experience where you can try your skill at the elegant art of fencing of the 17th and 18th centuries. In fencing, the duel is not determined by brute strength but by skill, focus and perhaps a clever trick or two.

The fencers guide you safely through fun and challenging exercises that everyone can participate in. The activity ends with a fun and exciting fencing contest, where the winner is honoured at a royal ceremony. We guarantee some great laughs, and you may even get your pulse up!

If you would like to expand on the experience, you can dress up in beautiful Renaissance costumes.

You can combine the fencing lesson with a thematic guided tour of the castle and/or conclude your activities with a visit to our restaurant, Madkælderen.

Fencers and other actors come from the theatrical troupe SkuespilsKompagniet TheArmoury.

Practical information

In connection with this activity, you may dress up in the castle’s Renaissance costumes. Please request a separate price for the rental of costumes. The activity is also offered in English.


1½ hour


  • 1–16 participants: total price DKK 3,100
  • 17–24 participants: total price DKK 3,900
  • 25–32 participants: total price DKK 4,700
  • 33–40 participants: total price DKK 5,300
  • 41 or more participants: please contact us to request a price

In addition, all participants must pay for admission to the museum: See admission prices here


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