Digital light show in the reception area

The first thing you see when you enter Koldinghus is a digital light show that uses state-of-the-art digital lighting technology to display the history of Koldinghus on the castle walls.

Please note that the reception area is located before the ticket desk – we encourage our visitors to spend a few minutes in there to watch one or more of the films that are projected on the walls.

See the original fireplace – the point of ignition for the big fire – which for years was hidden behind the ticket desk and a large chandelier. We use computer technology to give you an overview of 750 years of history in just a few minutes. The story takes you back to 1808, when one of the most dramatic events in the castle’s long history occurred: the fateful night when Spanish soldiers lit a huge fire in the fireplace, which resulted in a catastrophic fire that burnt the castle to the ground, leaving Koldinghus in ruins. See history re-enacted, with the old castle walls as the projection screen. Read the story here.

The light show was created in collaboration with Milestone Event, which is also behind the annual Kolding Light Festival and the popular light experience ‘The Walls Remember’ in 2018, when the castle’s long history was presented on a large scale on the exterior walls of Koldinghus as part of the celebrations of the castle’s 750th anniversary.

Please note that the film is in Danish.