The Historical Workshop

The Historical Workshop opens during 2021.

The Historical Workshop at Koldinghus is an active workshop where visitors can engage in a dialogue with history and learn about traditional crafts. Our primary focus is on producing, mending and preserving royal garments and on the materials and accessories involved.

Garments let us get close to real people from the past – and royal garments were made with particular care and attention. They were not only made to keep the wearer warm but also to send a deliberate signal of status, wealth and power. In addition, countless skilled artisans were involved in creating beautiful accessories, such as brooches, canes, buttons, ruff collars, shoes, boots, stockings and bags.

On selected days, the workshop will be staffed, and you will be able to see a variety of objects and techniques. Sometimes you will also be to watch conservators at work restoring historic items.

When the workshop is not staffed you can watch a current film about its current work, sit down for a break and enjoy the view of Castle Lake from the beautiful window niches.