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Visit Koldinghus: Unique restoration, large international exhibitions, views of the city from the Giants’ Tower, see the Church Hall, the Great Hall, the dungeon, the Royal Dress-up workshop and much more.

It is a special experience to approach Kolding’s old royal castle. From the castle bank high above the city, the castle arouses awe. This was precisely the intention when Koldinghus was built in 1268 to guard the kingdom’s border to the south.

For centuries, Koldinghus was one of the country’s most important royal castles. It burned in 1808 during the stay of Spanish troops. For a long time the castle remained as a romantic ruin. Today, the castle is a modern tourist attraction and part of the Royal Danish Collection, which also has places to visit at Rosenborg and Amalienborg. The castle contains a number of fine rooms and halls and as something extraordinary there is a contrast between new and old in the castle’s south wing, also known as the Ruin Hall.

In 1976-93, the ruin was closed off and protected by new, modern building parts. The restoration, carried out by the architects Inger and Johannes Exner, was awarded the EUROPA NOSTRA prize in 1993 and is in itself a world-class attraction. At Koldinghus you can also experience changing special exhibitions, family activities during all school holidays, concerts, lectures, Christmas market and a royal costume workshop.

Experience the 750-year-old castle, which for centuries was one of the country’s most important royal castles.