Renaissance dancing

Try your skill at Renaissance dancing

Love to dance? Try the Spanish Renaissance dance Pavane. Koldinghus offers group lessons in ‘Pavane di Koldinghus’, a unique dance choreographed specially for the castle by Dancing Master Børge Jensen. The beautiful setting creates the perfect mood and atmosphere for this event.

Pavane, which means a peacock’s tail, is one of the most important dances of the Renaissance, often described as stylish, calm and majestic. Pavane originated in Spain, and from here it spread to all the main royal courts in Renaissance Europe. It is a slow, stately procession dance that is perfectly suited for the dance floor of a Great Hall. The pavane never became popular with farmers but was very much the reserve of the aristocracy.

At Koldinghus, this old, refined dance tradition is revived in the perfect setting, which completes the experience and offers a fascinating first-hand insight into Renaissance culture and traditions.

You will quickly pick up the steps under our Dancing Master’s skilful instruction.

Practical information


1 hour


DKK 1,500 plus admission to the museum: See admission prices here

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