Mead-tasting in a royal setting

Experience new flavours accompanied by interesting stories and entertaining anecdotes.

Sample different types of mead in one of the historical halls of Koldinghus, while the castle’s cellarmen introduces you to the history of mead and lets you in on some of the master brewer’s secrets.

Mead is one of the oldest known fermented beverages, with a history dating back to the Viking Age, when it was enjoyed at special events and celebrations. In Norse mythology, mead is described as a ritual beverage for the gods. In the 16th century, noblemen were expected to be able to stomach vast amounts of alcohol, and Frederik II (1534–1588) and Christian IV (1577–1648), who had close ties to Koldinghus, were both known as avid drinkers.

Mead is often associated with beer, but while beer is brewed on barley, mead is made from honey, water and yeast. Mead has an alcohol content of about 14.8 per cent and is a purely natural product with a sweeter flavour than beer. There are several different types of mead. While some are made exclusively on honey, other types contain herbs, spices, fruit, berries or even hops, which add unique characteristics and new flavour components to the traditional beverage.

Practical information


25–30 minutes


1 to 25 participants: DKK 2,000
In addition, all participants need to pay for admission to the museum. See admission prices here


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