The Knights’ Ball

Experience an extraordinary event in an authentic setting and travel back in time to Koldinghus in the year 1616.

It is the year 1616. Christian IV had just defeated Denmark’s arch enemy, Sweden, in the Kalmar War, which lasted from 1611 to 1613. That called for celebration! To mark the historic event, the King inaugurated a new order of chivalry ‘The Armed Arm’, to be awarded to men who had excelled in courage and chivalry on the battlefield. The induction was followed by a glorious ball with dancing and music – held in the Great Hall at Koldinghus on 2 December 1616.

The Knights’ Ball at Koldinghus lets you experience elements of the ball that took place in 1616.

We tailor the activity to match your particular requests.

  • A female Chief Steward welcomes you and guides you through the events of the evening
  • Renaissance soldiers keep watch
  • The participants dress in Renaissance costumes sewn in the Royal Workroom at Koldinghus
  • There are lessons in Renaissance dancing
  • A photographer takes a group photo
  • Renaissance fencers duel
  • A Renaissance trio provides musical entertainment
  • You may be inducted into the Order of the Armed Arm
  • Welcome drink, three-course dinner, free bar and partying until 01.00
  • The hall is lit by candlelight chandeliers, lanterns are lit in the Castle Courtyard, and the entrance to the castle is marked by rows of burning torches.

Practical information

Number of participants

50 to 120 participants


Per participant DKK 2,095 excl. of VAT


6 ½– 8 ½ hours


If you have any questions about prices and programming, please contact
Tel.: +45 33186099