Fire, international politics and Spaniards

Were Spanish soldiers responsible for burning down the castle? Are there many descendants of Spanish soldiers in Kolding? Were the Spanish soldiers plotting to assassinate Bernadotte? There are many myths surrounding the castle fire and the Spanish troops’ stay in Kolding. On this tour, we will debunk the myths and let you know what really happened.

On the night between 29 and 30 March 1808, a catastrophic fire broke out at Koldinghus that reduced the proud old castle to rubble.

Hear the dramatic story of international political intrigue, an amusing cultural encounter and true heroism as one of our experienced guides introduces you to the places where the events unfolded. This is the fascinating story about the role of Koldinghus in the Napoleonic Wars and the struggle for political dominance in Europe and of the dramatic events at Koldinghus the night it was razed by fire.

This is also a story of strong personalities at the centre of events, where you will meet one of Napoleon’s most accomplished field marshals, a resolute Colonel’s wife, and a romantic young maiden.

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