Guided tour of the exhibition Princess Dresses

See fashion designer Jørgen Bender’s creations for HRH Princess Benedikte in this fascinating guided tour of Danish royal fashion history.

In this tour, our experienced guides will introduce you to the spectacular exhibition PRINCESS DRESSES, which shows more than 20 gowns worn by HRH Princess Benedikte over the years, including the Princess’s formidable wedding gown, the dress she wore for her silver wedding anniversary and dresses worn for birthdays and other events. The exhibition is not just a celebration of the Princess’s 80th birthday in 2024 but also a tribute to fashion designer Jørgen Bender, the most significant dressmaker for the Royal House of Denmark.

Bender created the dresses you can see in this exhibition. Over four decades of varying fashion trends, he designed and sewed dresses for HRH Princess Benedikte as well as for the Princess’s mother and sisters: Queen Ingrid, HM Queen Margrethe and HM Queen Anne-Marie.

This guided tour takes you into a world of enchanting gala gowns with a wealth of beautiful details and embroideries as our experienced guides tell you the stories behind the unique creations. In addition to providing insights into Jørgen Bender’s aesthetic and richly detailed work and craftsmanship, the exhibition also offers a retrospective view of four decades of fashion history through designs spanning from 1968 to 1999.

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