The Architecture of Koldinghus

Experience the encounter of new and old as one of our guides shows you around the castle’s architectural gem, the Ruin Hall. On this guided tour you will hear the story about the Ruin Hall’s transformation from burnt-out ruin to architectural masterpiece.

In 1972, the architects Inger and Johannes Exner were commissioned to renovate Koldinghus. By then, the castle had stood as a burnt-out ruin for more than 150 years. The purpose of the restoration was not to restore the castle to its former appearance before the fire in 1808. Instead, the Exners sought to interfere as little as possible with the ruin and instead include it as the manifestation of a dramatic period in the history of the castle and the kingdom. Thus, the ruin was incorporated into a new and impressive architectural design that frames and highlights its powerful storytelling potential.

On this architectural tour of Koldinghus, you will hear the story behind the castle’s largest and most magnificent exhibit, the Ruin Hall. In 1993, the Ruin Hall received the Europa Nostra award for cultural heritage, and it offers important insight into the castle’s architectural history.

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