The history of the Ruin Hall

The castle’s South Wing was erected in 1550-52, first and foremost as a residence for King Christian III and his queen, Dorothea.

The restoration has not attempted to restore the original storeys to the South Wing; the ruin is exhibited as an expression of a dramatic episode in the history of the castle and of the whole realm. The tall limewood columns stand on the new foundations layed in the wing’s basement; they rise through the storeys and carry the roof structure. The mezzanine floors, which it was decided to install during the restoration, are carried by the columns. The shingle-covered south wall is hung from the roof structure.

The three steel walkways hang from the roof structure and at the same time function as counterweights to the south wall.

The South Wing serves as a home for the large special exhibitions of international standing which have in recent years brought Koldinghus widespread recognition.