Queen Louise’s salon

Queen Louise was married to Christian IX, and because of the children’s advantageous marriages the couple were known as “Europe’s in-laws” even at the time. Like Christian IX’s study, her private salon or lounge is furnished in the Victorian style, which is seen here in a feminine variant in full bloom. The room originally had a corresponding position on the piano nobile in Christian IX’s Palace. The Royal Couple had shared the palace between them, so that the King had the ground floor and the Queen the piano nobile.

The decor of Queen Louise’s private salon was changed several times up until her death in 1898. The furniture was reupholstered, new curtains were hung, and new objects were added, amongst them photos and paintings of the large family. It was typical of the Victorian style to mix expensive things with cheap ones, as the newfangled mass production made it at that time just as interesting to have copies as originals.

From the salon Queen Louise conducted her extensive correspondence with relatives in other European ruling houses, and it was here that she did her often advanced needlework.

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