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Opening Hours 2024

01.01. / 11-19
02.01 – 09.02. / Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Friday 10-15, Saturday – Sunday 10-16
10.02 – 25.02. / 10-16
26.02. / Closed
27.02. – 20.03. / Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Friday 10-15, Saturday – Sunday 10-16
21.03. / Closed
22.03. – 01.04. / 10–17
02.04. – 19.05. / Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Sunday 10-16
20.05. / 10-16
21.05. – 21.06. / Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Sunday 10-16
22.06.- 08.09. / 10-17
09.09. / Closed
10.09. – 11.10. / Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Friday 10-15, Saturday – Sunday 10-16
12.10. – 20.10. / 10-17
21.10. Closed
22.10. – 22.12. / Closed Mondays, Tuesday – Friday 10-15, Saturday – Sunday 10-16
23.12. /  10-16
24.12. – 25.12. / Closed
26.12. – 30.12. / 10-16
31.12. / Closed

01.01. / 11-19

Please note that the ticket office closes half an hour before the museum closes.

Admission 2024

Adults: DKK 125
Students (Valid ID): DKK 80
Groups (min. 10 persons): DKK 100 pr. person.
Children and young adults under 18 years: Free
Combined ticket Rosenborg & Amalienborg* 215 kr.
Combined ticket Rosenborg & Amalienborg Students* (Valid ID) 150 kr.
School classes 28 pupils under 18 yrs. + 2 teachers 175 kr.
Guided tour (max. 25 persons): 995 kr.

Visiting groups

Visiting groups shall either book online or call in advance.
Please call: +45 3318 6055 (Tuesday to Friday between 10.00 AM and 12.00 PM).
For booking via email:
Your booking is valid when you have received confirmation and an electronic ticket.

School visit

Book online school visit her: School visit | The Royal Danish Collection (

Way finding

The Amalienborg Museum is located in Christian VIII’s palace at Amalienborg. The entrance is in the gate closest to Frederiksgade

Metro stations
Marmorkirken (closest to the museum) or Kongens Nytorv

23 (Dronningens Tværgade)

Practical information


There are lockers in the ticket office. Unfortunately, there isn’t space for suitcases. For security reasons you may only bring small bags to the palace. Please note that bags must be collected before closing time.

Food and drinks

It is not possible to eat at the Amalienborg Museum. You are allowed to take water in clear plastic bottles into the museum.

Strollers and pushchairs

Strollers and pushchairs are not allowed at the museum.


Only guide dogs may be brought to the museum.

Guidelines for visiting the palace

Because there are many fragile and freestanding objects at the Amalienborg Museum, we ask our guests to observe a few simple precautions.
The objects in the museum may not be touched. It is important that you follow the instructions and recommendations of the staff during your visit.


Photography is allowed. Please avoid talking on your mobile phone in the museum, as doing so may disturb the other visitors. You are, however, welcome to use your mobile phone to look at our online guides to the exhibits or for taking pictures.

Young children

Young children must be accompanied by an adult inside the museum. Very young children must be carried in a baby carrier on the stomach.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact the guard’s office by telephone: +45 3318 6052.
We hope you enjoy your visit to The Royal Danish Collection.

The Sunflower lanyard

If you have a hidden disability or condition, you can pick up a free Sunflower lanyard and a plastic sleeve for a personal card when you visit The Amalienborg Museum. Both are available from our shop and from the reception where you buy your ticket.

The Sunflower lanyard is a discreet sign that the wearer might need a little extra time, understanding or a helping hand. As part of the Sunflower programme, our frontline staff have the awareness and training to provide the conditions for a pleasant and enjoyable visit.

You can read more about the Sunflower lanyard here

Special needs

At the Amalienborg Museum in Christian VIII’s Palace, there is an elevator, allowing wheelchair users and those with mobility issues to visit the entire museum. Below, you’ll find information about access and disability facilities at the museum.

Take a virtual tour of the palace here

If you have special needs, you’re welcome to notify us in advance so our staff can be prepared to assist you. You can call us at +45 2189 6107.

Parking Spaces

We do not have parking spaces at Amalienborg Museum. You can find information about disabled parking in the area on the Copenhagen Municipality’s website.

It’s not possible to drive directly to the museum entrance for drop-off and pick-up due to road closures at Amalienborg Square. Drop-off and pick-up can occur on Frederiksgade, approximately 50 meters from the entrance.

Wheelchair Users and Those with Mobility Issues

Wheelchair users and those with mobility issues will be welcomed at the entrance of Amalienborg Museum by our staff. They will assist with the disability lift, providing direct access to the museum shop, ticket area, cloakroom, toilet, and the elevator to the exhibition area.

In the shop and ticket area, our staff will guide you on the best way to navigate the house.

Please note that certain electric wheelchairs might be too large for the elevator and disability lift. The maximum weight capacity is 225 kg.

Wheelchair Rental

Amalienborg Museum has a wheelchair available for free use, which can be booked in advance by calling +45 2189 6107.


There is an elevator at Amalienborg Museum providing access to the entire museum. The elevator door width is 80 cm, and the length inside the elevator is 145 cm.

Please be aware that certain electric wheelchairs might be too large for the elevator and disability lift. The maximum weight capacity is 225 kg.

Free Admission for Escorts

Individuals with an escort card from Danish Disability Organizations can bring a helper/escort for free. The escort card must be presented upon arrival. You can book a free escort ticket online or inquire at the reception upon arrival.

Book a ticket for you and your escort online here.

Guide and Service Dogs

Guide and service dogs accompanying their owners have access to the entire palace. The dog must be a trained service dog with clear markings such as a “Working Dog” vest or similar. Additionally, the dog must be on a leash throughout the visit.


There is an accessible restroom in the basement near the elevator. Feel free to ask our staff for further information.

Rest Areas and Museum Chairs

In the Garden Hall at Amalienborg, there are seating areas for resting. Additionally, lightweight museum chairs are available for you to carry around during your visit, allowing you to sit and take a break at any time.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

If you have a hidden disability, you can receive a free Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and a plastic pouch for a personal card when visiting Amalienborg Museum. Both items are available in our shop and ticket area.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower serves as a discreet signal to others that you might need a little extra time, patience, or assistance. As part of the Sunflower Program, our front-line staff understands this and is prepared to facilitate a comfortable and safe visit.

You can read more about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower here

Bags, Luggage, and Other Belongings

Amalienborg Museum has specific security regulations. Only very small bags are allowed in the palace, and they cannot be worn on the back. It is also not permitted to bring items that could pose a risk to the museum’s collection. Our staff will provide information about this upon arrival.

You have the option to store your bag in our lockers.

Museum Shop

Whether it is a memento or the perfect gift, we have a large and varied selection of classic souvenirs and unique products, inspired by current exhibitions and collections. The selection ranges from books, i.a. our own series about Danish kings, textiles, jewelery, arts and crafts, local products for classic souvenirs such as key rings, magnets and Christmas decorations.

If you have a club card for Kongernes Samling, you get 10% on the entire range in the store.

You can visit the museum shop without buying a ticket to the Amalienborg Museum.