Christian X’s study

Christian X’s Study has been preserved as though he had just left it. It is the only study in the museum which isn’t a recreation, and the room appears exactly as it did during the King’s own time in the palace, which stretched from 1899 to his death in 1947.

With the dark, heavy items of furniture and the dark walls the room illustrates how a man’s study looked around 1900. You are not left in doubt that it belonged to an officer, as the furnishings include an impressively hung arrangement of sabres and guns around a helmet and breastplate. There are also several figurines of soldiers, which bear witness to the King’s own statement that he was a soldier in life and soul.

Next to the writing desk is the original bronze statuette of Denmark’s mythical heroic defender, Ogier the Dane, which was later set up in larger format in the casemates below Kronborg Castle in Elsinore – as well as a less well-known version at Marienlyst Hotel, which was bought by a private individual in 2013 and moved to Skjern in Jutland. The many books testify, furthermore, to the intellectual side of Christian X, which is unknown to most people.

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