Dannebrog flag from 1864

At the so-called Reunification with Southern Jutland in 1920, Christian X received this banner in remembrance of the military defeat to Prussia and Austria in 1864. According to tradition this was the last Dannebrog flag to be lowered at the combat operations in Southern Jutland in 1864.

Christian X’s ride over the border in 1920 was a central event in his long reign. The military defeat had cast a long shadow over the previous half-century, and for Christian X it was of critical importance to regain as much of the lost territory as possible. A few months earlier the King had put the existence of the monarchy itself in jeopardy, when his demand for a more southerly drawing of the border led to the dismissal of the government and caused the so-called Easter Crisis. This had already been forgotten, however, when the current border came into force in July 1920.