The Appartement Hall

This room is included in the special exhibition Frederik X: King of Tomorrow until 8 September 2024. Therefore, you will not be able to see the room in the state that is described on this page until autumn/winter 2024.

In the Appartement Hall you can see The Golden Tableau, a table decoration with gilt bronze copies of a number of works by the major Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. Also in the hall are busts and portraits of Christian VIII and Queen Caroline Amalie in their youth, when they were still the heirs to the throne.

The Appartement Hall was furnished as one of the main representation rooms for Hereditary Prince Frederik following his assumption of the palace in 1794. The hall has been restored in accordance with Nicolai Abildgaard’s original watercolour sketch, in which one can see a corresponding green silk wallpaper and the same purple nuances. The gilt ceiling is a beautiful example of the so-called trompe-l’oeil technique, which creates the illusion of a three dimensional coffered ceiling. The hall is characterised by strict classical symmetry, which is underlined by the overdoors with ancient chariots and griffins above the mirrors.

The sofas and chairs in the hall belonged to Christian VIII and Queen Caroline Amalie. The floor and the chandelier are from around 1900, when Christian X and Queen Alexandrine moved into the palace as newly-wed heirs to the throne.

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