Queen Alexandrine

Queen from 1912. Born Princess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, the eldest child of Grand Duke Frederick Francis III and Grand Duchess Anastasia. In 1898 she married Prince Christian (X), and bore Prince Frederik (IX) and Prince Knud (later hereditary prince).

Queen Alexandrine had grown up in Schwerin (northern Germany) and Cannes (the south of France), where the family often stayed for the sake of her father’s health. Her childhood was characterised by regular sporting activities, and from a young age she played the piano to a high standard. Her great interest in music stayed with her for her entire life and was passed on to her equally musical eldest son, Prince Frederik (IX).

Queen Alexandrine was reticent by nature and had difficulty getting used to public attention during her first years as queen. She preferred to avoid the media limelight, but performed her functions in an exemplary manner. In the home her presence was crucial for the two boys, since Christian X was known for surrounding himself with a certain atmosphere of the barracks. Queen Alexandrine undertook extensive charity work until her death and was an avid golf player and photographer, who also produced needlework to a high standard.