Queen Ingrid

Queen of Denmark from 1947. Born Princess Ingrid of Sweden as the daughter of Crown Prince Gustaf (VI) Adolf and Crown Princess Margaret. In 1935 she married Crown Prince Frederik (IX), with whom she had three daughters: Princess Margrethe (b. 1940; from 1972 HM Queen Margrethe II), Princess Benedikte (b. 1944), and Princess Anne-Marie (b. 1946; Queen of Greece 1964-73).

Queen Ingrid’s life was strongly marked by her mother’s early death in 1920, which instilled her with considerable doggedness, and strictness towards herself. After she married Crown Prince Frederik, who was more cheerful by nature, she relaxed considerably, however, and led with him an exemplary family life in Denmark. Queen Ingrid was diligent by nature and took on innumerable official functions, which she continued to fulfil after Frederik IX’s death.

Queen Ingrid’s importance for the present Danish Royal Family can hardly be overestimated. She helped her husband rise to the occasion as king, and with her perceptiveness and sense of style set an example for the current generations of the Royal Family. She made a great effort to prepare her eldest daughter for her duties as monarch, and she was also an important support to the current Crown Prince, Frederik. In her later years Queen Ingrid was very much engaged in the maintenance of the palace gardens at Graasten and Fredensborg Palaces, having moved into the Chancellery at the latter after Frederik IX’s death.