Prins Knud

Prince of Denmark. Son of Christian 10. and queen Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Married to his cousin, princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark. The couple had three children.

With his brother crown prince Frederik, he joined the naval academy. While serving as an officer Prince Knud held several commands, among them commander of Kongelunds Fort.
When his father, Christian 10. died in 1947 prince Knud became heir to the throne seeing as Frederik 9th had no male heirs. In 1953 the constitution was changed, and female succesion was introduced. As a consequence Prince Knud was no longer heir to he throne.

Prince Knud and Princess Caromline Mathilde served as protectors for a number of charites and associations, among them The Federation of Danish Motorists and the association of naval officers of the reserve.

Prince Knud grew up at Amalienborg Palace in Christian VIII’s palace, the palace  where the Amalienborg Museum is located today. After Queen Alexandrine’s death in 1952, Knud and Caroline Mathilde moved to sorgenfri Palace, which they occupied until their deaths.