Walk in the Footsteps of the Royals at Koldinghus

We hope you enjoyed walking in the footsteps of the royals.

When you have finished the task, you can check if your answers are correct below.



Answer to tast 1

Ribe (Rypen).

Answer to task 2

He drank beer.

Answer to task 3

The secret exit is at B.


Answer to task 4

Frederik IV made peace with Sweden and renovated Koldinghus in 1720.

Answer to task 5

Prisoners were served: Bread, beer and herring.

Answer to task 6

There are 6 white pearls at Queen Dorotheas bridal ornament.

Answer to task 7

We could find 28 horses – but you could probably find more.

Answer to task 8

There are 6 elves in Prince Christian’s calendar.