Frederik VI’s robe

Throughout Frederik 6th’s entire life Europe was at war, and he almost always wore a uniform. He was Commander in Chief for the country’s military forces, like Queen Margrethe is today, and he had a general’s uniform for every regiment. This uniform is from the “Life Guards Infantry”, with its characteristic, silver-embroidered bows on the coat front. The embroidered red coat was used from 1785, but in 1848 it was replaced with a blue uniform coat without the expensive silver embroidery. The pale blue trousers are still part of the uniform, and they are worn by the Queen’s Life Guard which stands guard at the Amalienborg Palace, and marches through the streets of Copenhagen every day.

The King’s tall hat is called a “chacot”, and is decorated with a 40 cm long, white pompom with a blue top. Frederik 6th wasn’t very tall, about 5’2”, but this was not very obvious when he wore this hat. Its braided gold thread cords fastened the hat to the top buttons of his uniform, so it didn’t blow off in the wind. The King wears the medal of the Dannebrogsmænd on his left breast.