Vibeke Kruse

Vibeke Kruse was the mistress of Christian IV. The first part of Vibeke Kruse’s life is not known. She came into the service of Kirsten Munk, the second wife of Christian IV, and later of Kirsten Munk’s mother, Ellen Marsvin.

The long suffering relationship between Christian IV and Kirsten Munk was finally severed in 1629 when the King began a love affair with Vibeke Kruse. The relationship was arranged by Ellen Marsvin, who wanted to continue her own good relations with the King.

With the King, Vibeke Kruse had a son, Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve. She had a great influence on the King and he presented her with an estate in Holstein and a house in Copenhagen. At the death of Christian IV, Vibeke Kruse, who was sick at the time, was expelled from Rosenborg by Kirsten Munk’s son-in-law, Corfitz Ulfeldt. He also tried to initiate a court case against her; that did not succeed but she died a few months later.