Ellen Marsvin

The noble lady Ellen Marsvin was the mother of Kirsten Munk, Christian IV’s second wife. Ellen Marsvin was one of the greatest landowners in Denmark in her time; she was widowed for the second time when she was 39 years old, and from then on she concentrated on the administration of her many estates.

The daughter of Ellen Marsvin, Kirsten Munk, was married to Christian IV in 1615. He enjoyed a good relationship with his mother-in-law and admired her financial skills. She had the responsibility for the upbringing of the couple’s children. Even after Kirsten Munk and the King were practically seperated in 1630, the King’s relations with Ellen Marsvin were good. She even arranged the relationship between the King and his new mistress, Vibeke Kruse.

Later, relations with Christian IV worsened, and she then leaned towards the powerful husbands of Kirsten Munk’s daughters with the King. In the middle of the 1640’s she retired to the manorial estate Ellensborg, the present Holckenhavn on East Funen.