Juliane Marie

Juliane Marie, 1729-96, Juliane Marie became Queen of Denmark when she married Frederik V in 1752. Her father was Duke Ferdinand Albrecht of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. She was the mother of Prince Frederik, the Heir Presumptive.

Juliane Marie was the second Queen of the unstable Frederik V, after Louise, whose popularity she could not live up to. During the life of Frederik V she probably did not have much influence but that changed when she was widowed. She did not enjoy close relations with her stepson, the mentally ill Christian VII, and she probably hoped that her own son, Frederik, the Heir Presumptive, could take over the throne.

In 1772 she played a decisive role during the coup against J.F. Struensee, and after that she and Ove Høegh-Guldberg had the real power in the Kingdom, even though the weak Frederik, the Heir Presumptive, was formally in charge of government. Juliane Marie’s political influence ended when Crown Prince Frederik (VI) took power in a coup in 1784.