Frederik III’s robe

Frederik 3rd spent a lot of money on his wardrobe. As king, he was required to dress to show his power and wealth, but he was clearly also interested in the details of what he wore. Even when he was old, he dressed in the newest French fashion, with its muted colors and exquisite trimmings. This olive green suit shows the fashion trends, with full, baggy trousers and a loose-fitting, knee-length jacket. One can see his fine white shirt, and around his neck he wears a neckcloth with lace, replacing the wide, starched lace collar which his father Christian 4th favored. And instead of his father’s patterned fabrics in clear, strong colors, Frederik 3rd wears a suit of a muted, single color. It is decorated with costly silk lace and hand-stitched buttons of the same color, so one can only see how expensive it is by close examination. Here, in the second half of the 1600’s, the modern man’s 3-piece suit was born, as well as the tradition of wearing a tie.