Christian IX’s robe

Christian 9th’s suit and overcoat are from around 1900, when he was about 80 years old. At that time one couldn’t see by his clothes that he was King. Even though he was a popular king and had reigned since 1863, he usually wore civilian clothes, without medals or any other symbols of royalty. His clothes are English, made by first-class tailors in London, in Savile Row, which is still the finest place to have ones clothes made. Christian 9th is also called “Europe’s father-in-law” because his children married into so many different European royal families. His daughter Alexandra became English Queen in 1901. She took special care of him after he became a widower. The King’s daughters didn’t think he dressed as well as he should after their mother, Queen Louise, died in 1898. The suit and overcoat are like what any well-to-do gentleman could have had made at the tailor’s, but the fabrics and workmanship are the most exquisite that were available.