Daughter of Christian IX and Louise of Hesse-Kassel. Duchess of Cumberland through her marriage to Ernest August of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland. They had six children of whom the two eldest sons died at a young age. The eldest, Prince George died aged 31 in a car accident on his way to Frederik VIII’s funeral in Denmark, and the second-oldest son, Prince Christian, died at sixteen from appendicitis.

Whereas Princess Alexandra was “the pretty girl” and Dagmar (Maria Feodorovna) “the clever one”, Princess Thyra was according to her father Christian IX “the gentle and good daughter”. To find a future husband for the delicate Princess Thyra became a project for Queen Louise. There were plenty of suitors courting the Princess but the Queen had a particular person in mind, Ernest August of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland.

Duchess Thyra’s marriage to Ernest August gave her what she wanted the most: children. Unlike her two sisters Alexandra and Dagmar, Thyra lived a quiet life in Gmunden where she tended her artistic talent and spent time with her children.