Vilhelm (Georg I)

King of Greece from 1863. Son of Christian IX and Louise of Hesse-Kassel. Married in 1867 to Olga, Grand Duchess of Russia. They had seven children.

When Prince Vilhelm was 17 years old, he participated in his sister Alexandra’s wedding in Britain. The wedding was attended by all the European Royal houses, and besides witnessing the wedding they had other business to attend to as well. Greece had no king and the European Royal houses thought that Prince Vilhelm would be suitable for that post. Prince Vilhelm therefore travelled to Greece in 1863 to become King in a country he had never before visited.

On his arrival in Greece, Vilhelm changed his name nam to George I. His time on the Greek throne was a happy one, in spite of constant unrest in Greece and her neighbouring countries. In 1913, when George I was visiting the frontline at Saloniki, he was shot by a mentally disturbed Greek schoolteacher. The shot hit the King in the back and he died on the street in the year when he would otherwise have celebrated his 50th anniversary in the Greek throne.