Meet Frederik III and Queen Sophie Amalie at Rosenborg Castle

Every day in July, between 9.30 and 15.30, you can meet Frederik III, Sophie Amalie and their maid while they go about their daily routines at the castle, as they might have done 350 years ago. The royal couple and their maid are represented by performers wearing beautiful reconstructions of historical costumes.

The performances aim to provide a vivid and engaging impression of the lived life that once unfolded at Rosenborg Castle. In different locations around the castle, the three characters perform small scenes and episodes set in the time around the introduction of the absolute monarchy in 1660 and based on historical sources. As the characters move through the castle, the scenes recreate a ghostly echo of dialogues that might have taken place at Rosenborg 350 years ago.

Practical details:

The performances take place at the castle every day in July continually between 9.30 and 15.30.

To avoid queuing or risk being turned away because tickets are sold out, we recommend that you buy your ticket to the castle ahead of time here: Buy tickets to Rosenborg |The Royal Danish Collection

The costumes

The performers’ costumes and props were inspired by authentic pieces in the Royal Danish Collection. Frederik III’s costume is based on the one he wore when he received the people’s homage as hereditary king in 1660. Sophie Amalie’s costume was inspired by the dress on the wax bust of the Queen in Room 4. The costumes were created in a collaboration between our textile conservators and the workroom at Koldinghus. Having access to the original costumes in the collection, we have carefully documented the many components, materials and exquisite details. The original costumes are very precious and reflect the splendour and luxury of the Danish royal court during the 17th century.

Historical background

The 1660s were an important period for the Danish monarchy. By introducing royal absolutism, Frederik III reduced the nobility’s position and gained absolute power in the kingdom. His Queen, Sophie Amalie, was adept at managing the image of the new monarchy. She knew what was happening at royal courts in Europe and how to present the Danish royal court as a powerful and modern monarchy. She did this in part through extravagant parties and lavish balls – masked balls in particular were popular at this time.

Bringing Frederik III and Sophie Amalie’s Rosenborg Castle to life

Direction and concept development: Christian Bergman, Teater NEXT
Frederik III: Tobias Nilsson / Michael Hedstrøm
Sophie Amalie: Helene Madsen Smed / Cille Viola Brandt Petersen
Maid: Anna Christine Bauer / Sølvia Hvidtfalk

Photography: photographer Mette Ovgaard

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