Multi media guide

Welcome to Rosenborg Castle and to this free multi media guided tour around the castle. In order for you to uncover the secrets and tales of the castle more efficiently, we have handpicked a number of rooms and stories for you. The multi media guide itself takes about 30 min., but a tour will be roughly around an hour, depending on your interest and speed. If you are in a hurry, however, you can pick and chose from the guide in whatever way you so desire.

Earphones required

The multi media guide may only be used with earphones in respect of other guests. Remember to bring your own earphones.


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With this short introduction we hope to have spurred your curiosity about the lives of the royal family through the ages. If you wish to continue your journey of the royal Danish house, you can catch a glimpse of a modern day royal family at Amalienborg Museum – and remember, your ticket for Rosenborg is valid all day long.